Our Mission


The Mission of Rx Development

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Experience First

Medication dispensing is serious business. That’s why Rx Development utilizes only the most seasoned professionals to design and implement your in-office pharmaceutical Rx solution. Team members have over two decades of combined industry experience, a powerful in-house knowledge base that contributes to each customized medication dispensing program we implement.

Quality Matters

Rx Development takes a personal stake in each client/physician practice. Determined and thorough, our family of management consultants is committed to bridging the gap between all involved parties, yielding positive results for doctors and patients alike. Claim costs can be effectively controlled and guidelines established by opening the channels of communication between:

Workers’ Compensation Carriers


Case Managers



Other Involved Participants

The Goal

At the end of the day, satisfaction, compliance, and convenience are achieved, promoting faster MMI (maximum medical improvement) and a return to the workforce.

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