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Pharmaceutical Services
Point-of-Care physician dispensing makes sense for both doctors and patients alike. From the convenience of having prescriptions on-site to the extra revenue doctors can easily generate, Rx Development offers unparalleled medication dispensing services that are above the rest.

Widely used by doctors who specialize in treating Workers’ Compensation and auto accident patients, Rx Development offers a comprehensive medication dispensing program that encompasses all aspects of point-of-care pharmaceuticals:

Obtaining Medications—It all begins with the convenience and availability of patient pharmaceuticals at your office. Rx Development will advance the amounts necessary to implement the program including medications that have been properly labeled and packaged in compliance with DEA and FDA regulations.
Equipment and Supplies—Everything you need to properly dispense medication is at your fingertips. No out-of-pocket costs are necessary; all supplies are included as part of your management fee and remain the property of Rx Development. This includes:
printer and toner
id scanner
bar code scanner

storage cabinets

Billing and Collections—Enjoy financial peace of mind while utilizing the Rx Development in-office medication dispensing program. A full suite of pharmaceutical A/R services is available so you don’t have to concern yourself with billing and collections.
Inventory Consulting—The Rx Development point-of-care dispensing program helps you maintain adequate inventory without incurring out-of-pocket costs.
Comprehensive Training—Staff members will be completely trained in administering pharmaceuticals, accessing reports, processing patient requests, and more.
Supplemental Income—Earn residuals as you provide a convenient service of dispensing pharmaceuticals to your patients without ever leaving your office.

Industry Updates—Rx Development helps you stay abreast of current industry standards, as well as local, state, and federal regulations. Our knowledgeable advisors will keep your staff informed of the latest updates.

To learn more about medication dispensing, Workers’ Compensation and personal injury physicians Rx, re-packaging, or Rx Development, please contact us.

Note: Rx Development’s in-office medication dispensing services are reserved for doctors who accept insurance.