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Consider the fact that 33% of prescriptions never get filled and you might consider point-of-care dispensing.

Also known as in-office medication dispensing, point-of-care dispensing gives physicians a greater success rate when it comes to managing the treatment process. While patients enjoy the convenience of having their medical needs addressed in one location,

doctors achieve maximum medical improvement (MMI) for the injured, getting them back to work as soon as possible. Medication dispensing programs not only expedite Workers’ Compensation, personal injury, and automobile accident claims, but effortlessly yield supplemental revenue sources for the physicians.

Rx Development, a professional medication dispensing company, assists doctors in implementing an all-inclusive point-of-care pharmaceutical programs that deliver lasting results while improving cash flow. Acting as liaison between the Workers’ Compensation carrier, adjuster, case manager, employer, and physician, Rx Development’s steadfast commitment is second to none. From introducing you to reputable pharmaceutical suppliers to furnishing all the necessary office equipment to streamline your in-office medication dispensing program, Rx Development applies decades of management solution knowledge to your individual practice requirements.

Promoting Wellness

The sad truth is that less than fifty-percent (50%) of dollars spent on Workers’ Compensation claims actually gets allocated to medical treatment. Instead, the funds are tied up paying for lost wages, attorney fees, and other expenses unrelated to helping the injured recover. By design, the Rx Development medication dispensing program improves patient progress while putting money in your pocket.

Here’s how:

Pharmaceutical dispensing gives physicians greater autonomy.

Costs are inherently cut through Rx Development’s affiliations.

Claim settlements are expedited from reduced “red tape.”

Data access is enabled through state-of-the-art software.

Patients receive compensation faster and return to work sooner.

Doctors walk away with better recovery rates and extra income.

Working across the medical industry, physicians from varying practice areas consistently benefit from this advanced medication dispensing program.

Physician Medication Dispensing
Areas of Coverage

Pain Management
Physical Medicine
Rehabilitation Neurosurgery
Occupational Medicine
Take Charge

Don’t sit back and let traditional pharmaceutical dispensing programs control your practice. Rx Development has an optimal solution for today’s medical requirements. Up and running in no time, allow an Rx Development specialist to walk you through the benefits of our in-office medication dispensing service.

To learn more about medication dispensing, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury physicians Rx, in-office pharmaceuticals, or Rx Development, please contact us.

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