Advantages to your practice and patients

In office Dispensing of pre packaged Pharmaceuticals is a safe way to provide point of care added convenience to patients, while bringing value to the practice. Medical Professionals are legally allowed to purchase, stock, prescribe and dispenese Pharmaceuticals from the convenience of their offices in all but a few states. Your patients will appreciate the convenience and your practice the added value.

Practice Advantages

  • Decreased calls from Pharmacy's
  • Increased Patient Follow up visits
  • Patient compliance with Pharmaceutical Treatment Plans
  • Better Clinical Outcomes
  • Additonal Practice Value

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Patient Convenience

Point-of-care dispensing increases patient convenience. Most patients prefer to receive their medications during an office visit rather than to drive to the pharmacy and wait in long lines for the same medication you can give them in your office.


Patient Compliance

Research suggests that just 60% of doctor prescriptions are filled when the patient uses a traditional pharmacy. Patient compliance is closer to 100% with point-of-care dispensing


Practice Differentiation

Physician practices can set themselves apart from other practices and drugstores by offering point-of-care medication.


Value-Added Service

Point-of-care dispensing adds value to a practice.


Reduced Workload & Time

By having medications on-site, practices are able to reduce the number of calls they make and receive from pharmacies.

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