About Us




About Us

Rx Development was founded in 2004 and is comprised of several highly regarded industry executives whose combined experience in the development, implementation, and management of in-office medication dispensing programs is approaching three decades.

Conveniently located in central Florida, Rx Development prides itself in the successful implementation of hundreds of medication dispensing programs throughout the country. While practice areas vary, the majority of our installations have included the following specialties:


Pain Management

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation



Occupational Psychiatry


Urgent Care

As a partner in the business, Rx Development dedicates 100% of its time to the development and management of your medication dispensing system. Our network of reliable vendors and suppliers allows Rx Development to pass on the most valuable services at the best rates.

Learn why more physicians are shying away from pharmacy-filled prescriptions and turning to Rx Development for the optimal in managed medicine and patient treatment.

For more information about Rx Development, medication dispensing, pharmaceutical Rx, or to speak to a management specialist, please contact us.

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