Dispensing Roadmap


Required Documentation

  • Medical License
  • DEA Certificate
  • Identify Formulary of Rx products to be dispensed
  • Contract
  • W-9
  • State License of primary physician
  • Re-packager paperwork
  • Submit Required documents to Rx Development for pre-install set-up

Site Set Up Requirements to Dispense

  • Site Set Up requirements sent, site set up
  • Check that site is live
  • Training scheduled
  • Medication shipped to site

Training on Dispensing Software

  • Inputing patient information
  • Submitting prescriptions
  • Printing labels
  • Use of Barcode reader
  • Recordkeeping
  • Receiving inventory

Review of Reports

  • Monthly review of Dispensing Reports
  • Financial review

Here are more things you need to know about dispensing and getting started.